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Bebe pod/Bumbo seat

картина Mom_3boys в
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3 months 2 weeks ago
09/22/2009 - 11:12am
Bebe pod/Bumbo seat

Hi Esther,


I was wondering what your thoughts are on such a chair for an infant:




I'm thinking it would be thumbs down, but it is not too reclining with a C spine.  Perhaps it's too early for a baby to be sitting if they can't do it yet on their own??




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2 months 2 weeks ago
12/15/2010 - 7:51am

Hi Connie, 

I actually don't mind the Bumbo.  If the baby can hold his/her head, then the seat can help enforce a nice stacked sitting position that babies naturally want to sit in.  Esther has talked about putting one of her children in a large bucket and building up towels/cushions around them to help create a good sitting posture.  She learned this trick from her travels in Africa.  The bumbo serves a similar purpose and I, in fact, have one for my future baby!

I hope you find this helpful.


Charlene Hannibal 

Gokhale Method Teacher

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