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High Chair for Babies

Фотография Намиты
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2 weeks 3 days ago
03/23/2016 - 1:26pm
High Chair for Babies

Hi everyone,


This my first time asking a question on this forum, so I hope I'm doing this right.

My daughter is 9 months old and has been using the Boon brand high chair for a couple of months now. Off late I've noticed a slouch in her position when strapped in the seat. Otherwise, her posture is still intact and beautiful. From observing the seat, I see its not condusive for a well positioned pelvis. in fact it promotes a tucked pelvis.

Is there some modifications I can make her chair to protect her good posture? Also, are there some other brands of high chairs that might be a better choice?

Высокий стул пьедестала Boon Flair в оранжевом цветеЗеленая мягкая подушка Boon Flair и поднос для подносов


Much appreciate all inputs!




Фото Джанин Фарзин в
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1 month 2 weeks ago
04/20/2012 - 1:39pm

Hi Namitha, 

I am not familiar with the Boon chair beyond what you've shown above, but I can see how it might be rounded a bit from the photos. 

We have used the Tripp Trapp Chair from Stokke in our home.  We have one for each kid and actually my 9 year old still uses his, as the seat and leg dimensions are adjustable. It's flat so it allows them to sit upright (not that they always do lol). I am sure there may be other good seats out there as well - with a flat base, but we started with this one and have been happy with it so we added to our collection for each child.  I definitely recommend it.  Your daughter will grow out of the Boon Chair eventually anyway, she can use the Stokke for years.

As far as adjustments to your current chair.  Hmm, that can be tricky. Without seeing the chair, I would attempt to go for a flat base and give room for the shoulder blades to sit far back.  To flatten the base, you could try carefully crafted kitchen towel or washcloth? It does need to be firm in the end. A flat surfact allows external rotation of the legs, whereas the bucket seat will force them inwards.  As for the shoulder blades, you want to avoid the part of the chair that rounds so that they have room for keeping tiny shoulder-blades behind them - similar to they way that we use a stretchsit cushion. It does get tricky when they are strapped in, but those are some guidelines to start. 

Do you have a teacher nearby?  Perhaps you have already taken the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, but by teaching the foundations, it does help teach how to best navigate all furniture in our lives. A private lesson at home is also an option, so that an instructor can help for all the specifics in your life. 

Good luck!


Janine Farzin

Gokhale Method Instructor, Chicago,IL

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