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Is this pain completely qureable?

Изображение Cland1960
Last seen:
8 months 3 weeks ago
01/10/2020 - 1:15am
Is this pain completely qureable?

Hi there,

I had back pain for some time. I'm a hip hop dancer and I'm so passionate about my dancing. I didn't give much importance to it at the beginning. We had a new year party at our house and I performed in it. After that, everything turned upsidedown. My pain doubled and it was unbearable. So I decided to consult a chiropractor in North York. Its been a week now the treatment has started and there is some relief in my pain. I guess everything will turn out well.

Has anyone undergone chiropractic treatment? Is this pain completely qureable? Does it come back after stopping this treatment? I need to continue my dancing after this treatment. Share your knowledge.


фотография мацимона
Last seen:
8 months 2 weeks ago
01/13/2020 - 1:42am

I can totally relate. I used to have back and neck pain sometime back, I tried using an ergonomics chair and I started feeling better almost immediately. Try it and let me know if it also works for you. 

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